EI Type Power Transformer

EI Type Power Transformer

EI Type

EI Core Switching Transformer

EI Type Transformer
EI Type Transformer

Litone can now provide from EI-12.5 to EI-60 to meet different customer and industry requirements.

EI Type transformer has good magnetic to be used in switching supplies, computers, ballasts and many electrical appliance.


  • Flyback transformer.
  • Drive transformer.
  • Control transformer.
  • High current inductors.


  • Size of EI Core can choose.
  • EI-12.5
  • EI-14
  • EI-16
  • EI-19
  • EI-22
  • EI-25
  • EI-28
  • EI-30
  • EI-33
  • EI-35
  • EI-40
  • EI-50
  • EI-60


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EI Type Power Transformer | Power Supply Manufacturer - LTE

Based in Taiwan, Litone Electronics Co., Ltd is one of the leading EI Type Power Transformer | power supply manufacturers since 1987.

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SGS certified and IATF 16949 accredited by DEKRA, LTE is capable of designing and manufacturing power transformer from analog to digital, particular in magnetic industry. The power supply production including switching power supply, power transformer, coil inductor, BLDC motor controller, switching AC/DC adapter, and 110v, 12v, 24v power supply and switching AC/DC adapter.

LTE has been offering customers high-quality power supply. Both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, LTE ensures each customer's demands are met.

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